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Truth Be Told - Restaurants That Hate Toddlers

As LAPregnancy readers know, we only review products and services that we just LOVE, ADORE AND HAVE TO SHARE.  We never include misleading reviews for products and services that are only so, so.

But when our editor went to a local Chinese restaurant on a weeknight with her toddlers, how was she to know that she and her children were not welcome? 

Many times she took her children to Royal Star Seafood at 3001 Wilshire in Santa Monica for lunch and never was there a problem.  But this time at 7pm on a Tuesday night she was outwardly embarrassed by the wait staff and gently asked to leave.  Is this discrimination??  We think YES!

Rather than make a big stink, she quietly ordered the food to go and left with her children. 

To avoid any future embarrassment for other mothers and parents, we suggest choosing a different Chinese restaurant when venturing out with kids!

(And if you think we're the only ones who had a bad experience, we found a good number while searching the web and thought we'd let you read a doozy posted on Los Angeles City Search):

Tastes good, but puts me in a bad mood Posted by rmathoda on 05/02/2004
While I agree with everyone else that the quality of the dim-sum here is quite high considering it's in Santa Monica, I find the attitude of most of the waiting staff a total put-off.
   No smile when you walk in, you'll need to wave hard to get a waiter to come to ask you what you want, the wait staff is rude at times, and if you forget something in the restaurant - forget it - the person on the phone will tell you you can come to the restaurant and search if you want - but she doesn't have the time to go see if they have your item in their lost item collection.
   I may go back because it was cheap and the food was good, but I'd do it somewhat regretfully because I don't like this restaurant - I just like their food.











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