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THE Ultimate Body Pillow

We're dreaming right now about going to sleep... soon, real soon, we're thinking...and we get to sleep with our new pal, the Serenity Star by Moonlight Slumber. 

That's right, our new pal is the best body pillow ever invented!  You say you've never had a body pillow or already have one??  Well this isn't just any body pillow, and let us tell you, you NEED this now!

The Serenity Star is the ultimate in comfort and has so many uses the nice people at Moonlight Slumber call it the "prenatal to preschool transitional pillow.  "

Altogether, it is a great sleep aide for expectant mothers. It helps you attain the side sleep position recommended by most doctors while keeping you comfortable and cool! 

We used it while nursing and it blew every other nursing pillow away!  We swear by the Serenity Star; with its premium synthetic down, the Serenity Star is something you've just got to experience.

It's also hypoallergenic, odorless, hygienically clean fill offers relief from dust mites - guaranteed for life never to clump even after repeated washings.  That's right, the whole thing is completely washable!

The Serenity Star is designed to be three separate pillows.  Simply unzip the U shaped pillowcase and the Serenity Star disassembles into three pieces:  a curved pillow and two bolsters to grow with your child making the Serenity Star a purchase that your family will use and enjoy well into the future.  

Our editor loved the Serenity Star so much that after only three days, she called and ordered another one because she didn't want to share it with her 16 month old who slept like a baby (finally) when she wrapped him around the pillow for a solid 6 hours of sleep (unprecedented).  Because this body pillow is so cumfy, babies and adults love it! (Disclaimer: babies under 12 months should never be unattended with this pillow).

We're dreaming already...

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