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Valentine's Day Hopefuls

Feeling a bit like a Big Tomato and want to liven things up a bit?  We found a few products that will definitely cheer you up!  (We're sending this Belly Scoop to you early so that you can forward this link to your special Valentine to allow plenty of time to fill your much-needed Valentine's Day desires!)

Bath Truffle Treats:
Melt your troubles away with these small creamy truffles made from shea, kokum and cocoa butters designed to melt in the bath water to soften your skin and calm your troubled head.

Tangerine is a sweet, peace inducing citrus great for lifting your spirits and soothing your nerves - it helps reduce hyperactivity and jitteriness and is wonderful for babies and children. Pink Grapefruit can help treat mood swings, anger and depression - just the right Treat after a stressful day.

Each Trouble Melt box contains 2 truffles. Double Trouble is one of each.  See for more info.

Chocolate Truffle Treats
Need a pick-me up??
   LEONIDAS Belgian chocolates are our FAVORITE in the world and now they're only a phone call away!  No more just a treat in Europe, you can indulge today!

The gourmands and the gourmets of the four corners of the earth treat themselves more and more often to this incomparable pleasure, often repeated but never equaled: savoring a Belgian LEONIDAS praline. This gentleness, a pleasure that melts in your mouth, is a common link between the people of this world.

Since LEONIDAS retailers must pick up the their products from the factory and deliver to authorized sales at least once a week, this stuff is FRESH!

Confiserie LEONIDAS Ltd. a warm discerning ambassador of taste, is helping to promote Belgian products in Europe and throughout the world and now you can find an outlet in the Los Angeles area!

LEONIDAS is one of the links in the gastronomic chain and part of the gentleness the world needs so much, while contributing to free world trade.

Offering LEONIDAS pralines is like signing a gentle message of peace, friendship and love most appreciated by our staff any time of the year.

So why deny yourself the pleasure ?

Check out or call Leonidas in the Los Angeles area at the following locations:

Santa Monica location in Madeleine's Bakery, 1518 Montana Av
Tel:  310-656-6880

Mid-wilshire location at
201 North Larchmont Blvd.
Tel:  323-869-7966


























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