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Water, Water, Everywhere

Our body consists of 70% water. No wonder that water is necessary in every body physiologic function - think of your body's temperature system, helping your digestion, and metabolism.

During pregnancy, a woman's body increases more than 7-8 liters of water. One third of it is comprised of the embryo, placenta and fetal membrane. Until a pregnant woman reaches 25 weeks, 90% of embryo weight consists of water.

Besides that, the mechanism of a pregnant woman works two-fold. What Mom drinks will flow to the embryo as well. In other words, the liquid consumed by a pregnant woman, is consumed by the embryo as well. Therefore, the function of healthy water is very important.

If you feel that you're having trouble drinking a lot of fluids, we suggest trying Gatorade or lemonade!!  Just get plenty of fluids in you to ensure a healthy pregnancy! 

Something to know:  if you have pre-term labor and you are admitted in the hospital, the first thing they do is give you an IV of saline solution - that's right, more fluids!!

Drink lots of water to help you and your baby!!





















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