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What's A Snoedel ("Snoodle")?

The Snoedel (a Dutch term, pronounced Snoodle, meaning Snuggle), is a unique doll like sleeping and bonding aid. The Snoedel enables the parent to start a relationship with the baby even before birth. By keeping the Snoedel close to a parent's skin, the parents scent is absorbed through the special wool and all natural fabrics used in creating the doll. Then when the baby is born, the Snoedel is given to the newborn, thus having the scent, therefore the feeling, that mom or dad is always They even found that the Snoedel was particularly helpful for premature babies who are often separated from their parents right after birth and who may benefit from having the scent of mom or dad with them in the hospital. Now don't you want your own snoedel??

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