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White Lies Aren’t Lies, Right?

We’ve heard this from so many experienced big bellies that we just knew we should share.  We were taught not to lie but what to do?

Well, we’ve decided to share the scoop and let you make your own decision.

We've been told that when giving out your due date, you should add one month to your projected due date.  We’ve also had readers suggest adding two weeks to your date.

Whatever the amount of time, here is the reasoning for this white lie:  pregnancy due dates are just an approximation, they are not exact!  As you know, everyone’s body is different.  In addition, determining the exact date of conception is also usually an approximation. 

Therefore, instead of having everyone and the plumber call you on your due date when you’re sitting at home in anticipation of your contractions which haven’t even started, you will answer the phone with, “oh yes, we have our bundle of joy right here in our arms… the baby was born last week and yes, everything is wonderful.”

Is a white lie worth it?  YOU DECIDE.






















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