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The Yoga Mamas

The Yoga Mamas, by Katherine Stewart
Reviewed by Nancy Klein

They're pregnant. They're glamorous. They're blissfully balanced. Or maybe that's all just a pose!

Step into pregnant ‘high society’ with this Harlequin styled romance for moms.  Don’t worry about being too tired or distracted, this fluffy read lets you experience being a regular gal with New York City friends rich enough to go to the best schools, shop at the best kid stores and summer in the Hamptons.  But you will feel no envy.

Author Katherine Stewart makes you feel right at home by referencing everything from husband frustration to pregnancy panties and even serves up a fantasy trip to a spa.  Ultimately, this guilty pleasure will make your own friends look better and your own life, even if a bit less rich, seem a lot more fulfilling.

About our Belly reviewer, Nancy Klein....
is a mother of three and has a new circle of friends just for you!  Using a svelte and smiling 1950's cover girl as the prototype - Ava, Mary, Freddy, Francis and Bebe become your new circle of friends.  And once you enter their picture-perfect suburbia in which they live, love, work, and drive carpool, you'll never want to leave!
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