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You Are A Walking Miracle

Wow!  You’re pregnant and you’re getting big… and the last thing you’re thinking is that you’re a miracle.

But it’s true and we here at want you to know why.

One of our favorite big bellies, Jamie Morgan a RN at a local hospital, is here to say that "from a tiny embryo your body supports a foreign life for forty weeks.  That infant begins to influence a dramatic change in you while your body’s blood supply increases by 30%"… now isn’t that miraculous enough?

Your emotions may play havoc with you.  So girls, cry when you want and for goodness sake, LAUGH JUST BECAUSE.

We here at want you to be proud of the miracle that you are.

As Jamie says, “check yourself out in the mirror often and see what unfolds!”  “Embrace every new voluptuous curve and for goodness sake, take or get pictures of you with your great big belly!

Today’s belly scoop’s inspiration has been provided by Jamie Morgan, mother of Rhianna Rain (dob: 02/13/02)




Jamie Morgan























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