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Your Perfect Post Pregnancy Workout

Hot on the heels of The Perfect Pregnancy Workout comes The Perfect Postnatal Workout, featuring Karyne Steben, a former Cirque du Soleil acrobat, and her baby Azia.

Karyne is in phenomenal shape for her eighth week postpartum, baring her six-pack stomach as she lifts and plays with her daughter in this fun exercise video. The video is broken up into three workouts: a light one for the first four weeks postpartum, and two fifteen-minute workouts for after you get your doctor's approval to exercise. The more vigorous workouts are fun play sessions, where Karyne takes you through imaginative ways to lift and swing your baby, giving him or her a fun ride while you whittle down your figure. It also gives you and easy way to fit in the all important Kegel exercise, a must for new moms.

The theory is that by using your baby as resistance, your strength will grow as he or she does, making you gradually leaner and more defined. It's also designed to help prevent against injury by strengthening your core muscles.

That's something you'll appreciate when you get up for 3 am feedings!

Karyne finishes the video with a twelve-minute instructional section that includes tips for making exercise part of your daily life as well as postpartum exercise dos and don'ts.

All you need to do this video is a towel and a baby. And it's convenient, too- you don't need to wait until your baby's asleep to exercise.

All-in-all, it's a fun and easy way to get back in shape!

Grab yourself a copy today and get started - it's never too late!!

Find The Perfect Post Pregnancy Workout Video at

(As with any workout, please consult your physician before starting an exercise program)
















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