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Your Pregnancy Yoga Pose - #6

Tree Pose

Please stand with your feet hips distance apart. For extra support stand with your back against a wall. Now place your right foot to the inside of your calf or to your inner thigh (make sure your foot is above or below the knee) Slowly bring your hands together in prayer. Now root down through your standing leg feeling your muscles engage and support you. Then elongate the sides of your waist, slightly lifting your heart towards the ceiling. On your inhale keep your muscles active and strong and as you exhale feel the space you created for your organs and your growing baby. Keep your gaze on a fixed point out in front of you. If you would like to bring your hands over head you can or simply keep your hands in prayer. Please take 3 breaths here and switch sides.

Benefits: improves balance and strengthen legs. It also can help relieve sciatica.
Contradictions: Please do not raise hands over head if you have high blood pressure.

This Yoga information has been provided by Danielle Vouvalides. For more information about her yoga classes and also her doula work please call 310.926.7652 or email her at :


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