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Your Yoga Pose - #1

Since everyone raves about the benefits of  yoga,, LAPregnancy has decided to periodically post beneficial yoga poses that "Bellies" can do which will include the following poses: specific for different trimesters, specific for pregnancy related ailments, postnatal, breathing, fertility, and also general poses.  So visit us often!!

Stand with your feet 2 2 1/2 feet apart with your torso pointing slightly outwards.

Bring your palms together at your heart in prayer position, and on an exhale slowly begin to bend your knees coming into a squat position.

Gently push your elbows into your knees for more of an inner thigh stretch as well as to help lift your toes up rather than just collapsing in on yourself.

On an inhale gently come back up to standing and repeat.

Begin with 10 sets, work up towards 30, and expect to waddle even more tomorrow!

Squats help to strengthen the hips, legs and back in preparation for labor. These are especially useful if you are hoping to deliver naturally, in which case this is one of the best positions to birth in, allowing the pelvis to further open and gravity to lend a helping hand.

A word of CAUTION: As with any form of exercise, it is best to first consult with a doctor, especially if you have knee or back problems.

This Yoga information has been provided by Claire Turner, a yoga teacher who teaches at Wondernation (6pm Mondays) & Planet Yoga (7:30pm Mondays) and is  available for private yoga sessions at your house (on L.A.'s westside) or at the beach in Marina del Rey.  Call or email Claire for a free consultation and mention LAPregnancy to receive a discounted rate.  310-439-1649/Cell:  310-902-6753 or                 .


















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