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Your Yoga Pose - #3

Since everyone raves about the benefits of  yoga,, LAPregnancy has decided to periodically post beneficial yoga poses that "Bellies" can do which will include the following poses: specific for different trimesters, specific for pregnancy related ailments, postnatal, breathing, fertility, and also general poses.  So visit us often!!

THE POSE:  Half-Dog Pose:

Who is this pose good for and what are its benefits?

Half-Dog Pose is a modification of the classic asana Downward Facing Dog, and is great to do throughout pregnancy. It keeps the body supple and strong as it stretches the arms and legs and most importantly creates natural traction for the spine). This is a particularly good modification if you have wrist issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects many pregnant and post partum women).

Stand to face a wall (about a foot away) and bring your palms flat to the wall so your wrists and elbows are in a straight line. Walk your feet back until your torso and legs are at 90 degrees. Push your palms into the wall, keeping your arms straight and stretch your buttocks and quadricep muscles back. (It should feel as if someone is playing tug of war with you your arms and thighs being pulled in opposite directions).

Tips while in the pose:
Keep your hips directly over your feet;
2.  Try to keep your back and arms as straight as possible;
3.  Continue to strongly work the legs by contracting the quadricep muscles.
4.  For more of a broadening stretch across your sacrum, pigeon toe your feet slightly.

A word of CAUTION:  as with any form of exercise, it is best to first consult with a doctor, especially if you have knee or back problems.

This Yoga information has been provided by Claire Turner, a yoga teacher who teaches at Wondernation (6pm Mondays) & Planet Yoga (7:30pm Mondays) and is  available for private yoga sessions at your house (on L.A.'s westside) or at the beach in Marina del Rey.  Call or email Claire for a free consultation and mention LAPregnancy to receive a discounted rate.  310-439-1649/Cell:  310-902-6753 or



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