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Your Yoga Pose - #5

Since everyone raves about the benefits of  yoga,, LAPregnancy has decided to periodically post beneficial yoga poses that "Bellies" can do which will include the following poses: specific for different trimesters, specific for pregnancy related ailments, postnatal, breathing, fertility, and also general poses.  So visit us often!!

THE POSE: Tree Pose/Vrkasana

This pose strengthens the inner thighs and hips as the bent leg draws back away from you. Opening the pelvic region and so assisting in the birthing process. This pose also stretches and strengthens the spine, ironing out any spinal aches and pains. As you stand on one leg in this pose, so it teaches you balance at a time when you could do with this practice! Also, as your mind concentrates on not falling over, so it teaches you to focus the mind on a single objective - so important for your upcoming labor and delivery.

Stand with your feet hip width apart (in Mountain Pose/Tadasana). Shift your weight more on to your left foot and, finding a fixed gazing point in front of you, lift your right foot and bring to the inside of your left thigh. Bring your hands into Prayer Position/Namaste ansd, if well balanced, slowly begin to stretch your arms overhead and outwards - like branches reaching skyward. If maintaining balance, try taking your bent leg knee and drawing it backwards to further open the inner thigh, hip and whole pelvis. Release the right leg, shake out your arms and legs, and repeat other side.

NB: If you have trouble balancing (highly likely as your pregnancy progresses), feel free to simply bring your bent leg lower down the straight leg - either to the calf or heel, but avoiding the knee. Alternatively, stand sideways to a wall and bring and bring one hand to the wall for balance - as you feel more confident you can start to take your hand away from the wall and come into the classic pose.

This Yoga information has been provided by Claire Turner, a yoga teacher who teaches at Wondernation (6pm Mondays) & Planet Yoga (7:30pm Mondays) and is  available for private yoga sessions at your house (on L.A.'s westside) or at the beach in Marina del Rey.  Call or email Claire for a free consultation and mention LAPregnancy to receive a discounted rate.  310-439-1649/Cell:  310-902-6753 or



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