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A Not So Wild Ride

Wow!!  Those contractions are strong… you are in active labor and you need to get to the hospital. 

But wait!  Here are a few tips that you can do in advance to prepare you for the big car ride:

1.  Buy a swim noodle -- those flexible, styrofoam floatation toys for children.  Cut the noodle into about an 18" length and put it in your car for the big day.  When you are in labor on the way to the hospital, put the noodle piece behind your lower back… ahhh, that feels better already!

2.  Map out alternative driving directions to the hospital, in case there's an accident or traffic jam on the freeway.  Luckily, most babies don't come during rush hour, but we want you to be prepared!

3.  Put on your relaxation tape that you've been practicing with during your ride to the hospital.  A walkman with headphones is best!  But if you do play the tape in your car stereo, make sure you partner focuses on the driving and not the relaxing!  If you don't have a relaxation tape, ask your pregnancy educator, doula or ob/gyn for a recommendation.

We received today's belly scoop from  Tracy Hartley of  Tracy is a member of DASC (Doula Association of Southern California) and has participated in more than 100 births. 























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