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Babecology - All You Need To Know For Good Skin Care

We are in LOVE!!  It's called Babecology and their products are amazingly beautiful!  We took four months to test these products and ours and our babies' skin became radiant which is a lot to say about a new and tired mother!!

The babēcology collection is formulated with natural plant and fruit extracts, soothing oils and special ingredients to nourish delicate baby skin naturally. Containing pure plant-based ingredients recognized for their healing properties on skin tissue, our formulas provide essential vitamins and nutrients in each drop. They use only organically grown essential oils, and all products are free of artificial dyes, fragrances and synthetic chemicals.

They use organic Lavender and Chamomile blended with select vitamin-rich ingredients such as Mango Butter, Primrose Oil and Sweet Orange. Their most unique ingredient is authentic Manoï de Tahiti from the islands of French Polynesia – a rich emulsion of the exotic Tiare flower gently soaked in golden coconut extract, which has been used for centuries to naturally moisturize and protect hair and skin.

The babēcology collection is based on 23 years of experience and it shows!!  Their Diaper Balm is luxurious, the Serenity Balm deelicious and the Baby Oil, well let's just say, smooth to the touch!  Won't you try some today??

Check out - they even have a wonderful gift set!


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