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The Baby Planners - Answering All Of Your New Parent Questions

We wanted to let you know about the newest arrival on the LA baby scene - it's savvy, sophisticated, and soon to be on every expectant parents speed dial: The Baby Planners - taking the labor out of your delivery! 

That's right, two LA moms have recently launched a new consulting service for expectant parents. What wedding planners are to newly engaged couples, Ellie and Melissa are to parents-to-be. They help their clients navigate the overwhelming maze of baby products and services available. Everything from creating a baby registry to recommending pediatricians and more: 

Want a mani/pedi at home, one week before due date?  Done! 

Want to be absolutely certain that your nursery is fully stocked for that first month home from the hospital? - no problem!

A personal chef for those first few days home with the baby?  They can do that, too!

The Baby Planners is a full service business catering to their clients' every whim. 
Check out to find out more about their new baby!


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