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Belly Buttons- More Than A Place to Pierce

Hey girls, can we be serious for a moment?

We want to talk about your baby's cord blood!  No, it's not a sexy topic, but it's an important subject nonetheless.

You may want to consider storing your baby's cord blood which is found in the umbilical cord because it is rich in life-enhancing stem cells that are easily and painlessly collected by your physician at your child's birth.

That's right, stem cells taken from the cord blood form the body's immune system foundation and manufacture blood and disease-fighting immune cells - thereby safeguarding the future health of your baby.

Currently, cord blood is used to fight leukemia, immune deficiencies, blood disorders and sickle cell anemia.  It is also a proven treatment for more than 45 diseases with new uses being researched everyday.  While bone marrow cells are painful to harvest and require an identical match to work effectively, not to mention the time and costs involved, cord blood is 100% match and there is no waiting time involved.  It will also match a sibling 25% of the time.

California Cryobank wants you to know that it is registered with the FDA as well as the American Association of Blood Banks which has developed rigorous standards for cord blood blanking, complete with on-site inspections, and is accredited by the AABB.  California Cryobank has been in business for 25 years and ensures long-term viability with sound financial stability.

They now have Gift Certificates - a serious, but perfect, Baby Shower gift for new mommies!

Call California Cryobank today for a Gift Certificate or for more information:
(800) 400-3430
Santa Monica, California




















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