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Brag A Little - Joy in Jewelry

Any photo you want to use becomes a piece of art!!  That's right, have a great photo of your kids that you want to commemorate forever??  Well this is what you need!  Who says so??  We do at!

Whether you you hire a professional photographer or just have a recent snapshot, your picture will look beautiful in a genuine silver necklace or bracelet with a picture of your loved ones!

Brag lockets were conceived by the company's owner as a way to cherish her children and share the joy.  Now you too can keep those important to you close and share them with the ones you love.

Our favorite photographer, A La Mode Photo at stocks tons of these little gems and sells them to her clients in addition to making them from your very own for picture!

Any photo you love becomes a piece of art... try it today... we have and we are so very happy... we're never taking it off!!

Check out or call 949-644-8599 for more information and ordering procedures!














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Share and Cherish your Memories with Brag




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