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Bummas - Baby Towels

When your baby's bum is too wet to put a diaper back on and you need something in between the steps, a Bummas is for you!

The creation of Bummas came about when we the creators had their first baby boy and were given all kinds of advice:

“Use the wet commercial wipes, don’t use the wet commercial wipes, use gauze; use whatever is handy to block the pee; use another diaper to block the pee; don’t use that, use this; use powder to dry them off, don’t use powder-it contains talc and studies have linked talc to cancer.”

A lot of advice. Some of it was good, but in the end you find your own way.

The one thing that was never mentioned was how to dry our little guy’s “stuff” off after the clean up. Their baby’s bum was just way too wet to put a diaper back on--and blowing down there until you’re blue in the face just wasn’t working. Thus Bummas were born. A soft absorbent, luxurious baby cloth to soak up all the wetness.

Check them out today...a great invention for the parents of today:



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