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Burp Cloths You Will LOVE!

We found the most wonderful burp cloths around and we know you will LOVE them too!


They're by Droolz ( and are handcrafted out of durable 100% cotton!  They are perfect to give as a baby shower gift or to welcome home a new baby.  They are fun, unique and something special just for your little one! 


Droolz come in traditional white cotton, soft and absorbent, with beautifully decorative unique ribbon  trims to make them fun and attractive!  New mothers can never have enough burp cloths around so why not begin with beautiful AND durable ones!


Started by two mothers who wanted to make the world of mothers a happier place, check out Droolz today!


Sold in packages of 3 in addition to some other great products!




See the full list...





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