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Don't Push Unless It Feels Right

The information below has been written by Dr. Elliot Berlin, a Prenatal Chiropractor in Los Angeles, California and is endorsed by


Birthing is a natural process carefully orchestrated by the body and it is important for a woman to follow her inborn instincts during pregnancy.  Often times during the second stage of labor, a doctor, nurse or coach will urge pushing during a contraction even when there is no natural inclination to push.  A new study suggests that this type of coached pushing makes little difference to how quickly the woman gives birth, and could cause health problems down the road.


The study was performed on 320 women who were giving birth for the first time, had uncomplicated pregnancies and did not get epidurals during labor.  Half of the women were coached to push for 10 seconds during a contraction, while the rest were told to “do what comes naturally.”

The report, published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, shows labor was just 13 minutes shorter for the women who were coached to push compared with those who were told to do what came naturally. And upon follow-up, those who were urged to push were found to have an increased risk of bladder dysfunction.

One of the researchers, Steven Bloom, MD said in a news release that "Oftentimes, it's best for the patient to do what's more comfortable for her.”  Future studies will surely confirm the importance of trusting the body and following natures lead during labor and delivery.


Dr. Elliot Berlin and Dr. David Wittenberg are chiropractors in Los Angeles that specialize in chiropractic care.  B&W Health Specialists is committed to relieving pain using the true principles of chiropractic care. 


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