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Kiddie College Savings Plan - How To Begin

We found you a few things to help you find out if you're saving enough for your kid's college or if you just want to get a ballpark figure for what to expect in the years to come.

Although many college planning calculators base their estimated future college costs on the national average cost of attending a public university, there's a big difference in sending your kid to the local public university than to an ivy leaguer.

E*Trade, an online brokerage company, offers a college-planning calculator that helps you understand the tuition you'll be paying for a specific school at a specific time in the future based on the inflation rate that you choose.  This really helps you understand how to plan accordingly.

We also found, which provides an education in the world of the 529 college savings plans, also known as the tax-advantage college savings accounts.  The site offers detailed information on every plan in the nation but beware, since there are 52 states, you'll need to download your individual state data for your comparison. 

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