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Kids Pajama Storytime

Come join the fun and get your kids in their pajamas to listen to stories like "Doggone Lemonade Stand" and "I Invited A Dragon To Dinner" at a local book store in Pacific Palisades, Village Books.

Judy Bradbury, a local children's author, reads from these stories and more, so grab your kids and have some fun!

Listen to poems that rhyme chorus with tyrannosaurus, ask whether tarantulas shampoo the hair on their legs, and describe a girl who turns into a human pickle... What's not to love in "I Invited A Dragon To Dinner?  In this boisterous collection of verses by 23 poets who won a nationwide contest, silliness reigns supreme:

I'm feeling quite froggy
'Cause the ground is so soggy.
It has rained every day for a week!
My skin's turning green
Flies look yummy to me,
And I'm starting to croak when I speak!

Cartoony illustrations by Chris L. Demarest (Firefighters A to Z) are as much fun as the poems, featuring wild-haired children, greedy dragons, mooses and gooses (or is it meese and geese?), and a whole lot of verse-inspired bedlam. Readers of all ages will fall on the floor in giggle-fits--and then they might just pick up a pen and try a little creative versifying themselves.

The Details:
Judy Bradbury storytelling
uesday, August 6th, 7:30pm
Village Books
1049 Swarthmore Ave
Pacfic Palisades
(310) 454-4063

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