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Melt Therapy

Could it be called anything else?  Melt Therapy!! 

Melt your aches and pains away with the help of Erica Lee, trained in Thai Yoga Massage and one of the world's leading practitioners.  She has returned to the L.A. area from the UK and how lucky are we to have her back??

Yoga + Massage + Energy Work = Feeling Amazing
Thai Yoga Massage comprehensively relieves the physical body, whilst powerfully rejuvenating the energetic body.  It’s a style that’s non-invasive and completely dedicated to restoring body and mind.

Our official Belly Tester said this: "I have had aches and pain from my pregnancy and have tried exercise to relive my symptoms.  Working with Erica, I felt energized and alleviated.  When she worked on my body, I felt invigorated.  Thsi really affected the oeverall enjoyment of my life because back pain was alleviated and I have not had leg cramps since.  My experience with Erica was outstanding and I would recommend her work simply because she is AMAZING. The next day, I felt like I was ready to conquer the world!"

Need we say more??  Offices now in Beverly Hills as well as home appointments:

Improve Your Flex Life
(323) 868-0082
Erica Lee



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