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The "Other" Boppy

We know you've heard of the Boppy infant and mother support cushion but LAPregnancy just got its hot little hands on The Sitting Square, child support cushion, and knew we had to share!

Developed by a speech and language expert, the sitting square is perfect for any child learning to sit up unsupported.  The cushion was designed to encourage children to use muscles needed to sit up and provide a firm resistance against their feet!

The sitting square measures 24" square and 5" high with a 12" center... a great amount of space for children to sit completely supported on all four sides!  There's a removable, washable cover made out of cotton fabric and available in several styles.

Check out their website today for more information on the sitting square: and also LAPregnancy's review on the boppy at the following link:









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the "sitting square"



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