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Pre-Term Contractions - What You Need To Know!

Not all contractions can cause cervical change and therefore lead to having your baby early, but we often do not know which are the ones that are worrisome and which are just bothersome.

I tell my patients that "the solution to pollution is dilution!"

That's right, "drinking plenty of fluids, water being the best, helps to calm your uterus and decrease the frequency and severity of the contractions."

One of the first things we do if you go to the hospital and are having pre-term labor, is stick an IV in you and give you fluids.

Nothing magical about those fluids, just that they are fluids, so why don't you try this for yourself at home, first?  Drinking that is, not the IV part!

It seems that there are two natural hormones that "look" similar to the body. One is Oxytocin (some will know this hospital version as Pitocin) and the other is ADH (Anti-Diuretic Hormone). They are made in the same region of the brain and can cross react. When you are dehydrated, your body secretes ADH and if you are pregnant it can cross react and cause contractions.

When you give the body water, then this decreases the amount of ADH and therefore it can cause your contractions to subside!

I recommend that my patients carry a water bottle around with them, wherever they carry a purse; no excuses!  Prenatal Care is all about prevention!

And don't forget that the solution to pollution is dilution!!!

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