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Take Your Belly To The Beach

We know, we know... whether you're preparing for your baby's arrival or you are worrying about his/her feeding schedule, you just don't have time for yourself.

Well, we suggest taking an evening off by yourself (or with your partner and babies) and getting to the beach!

That's right, we know... there's no time... but if you prioritize just this one thing, you'll be sending us praises all year long.

Take it from photographer Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo (who only shoots at the beach and outdoors), "nature takes over and and the scenery and fresh air automatically make you feel calm from the ocean waves crashing...and you relax."  

Here's your plan:

1.  Check out time of sunset;
2.  Sneak out of work early or get out of the house and into your car so you can have at least 1/2 hour at the beach before sun goes down;
3.  Pack some water and snacks;
4.  Take a blanket, towel and warm clothes;
5.  Drive south, north, west... wherever the closest beach is where there's easy access;
6.  Walk to the ocean and sit.
7.  Listen to the waves crash and breathe.

This Belly Scoop provided by Heather Hart, a pregnancy and family photographer in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area, who believes that natural environment photography is the secret to her success.  Check out the "Big Belly" Belly Scoop!!



courtesy of A La Mode Photo



courtesy of A La Mode Photo



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