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Ultrasound Wonders!

The ad reads something like this:  "picture tomorrow, today...for the baby in you!"

What it means:  you can now share the exciting first look at your unborn child with those closest to you with a 4D prenatal ultrasound.

We found First Look Sonogram in Redondo Beach which offers limited medical services as well as for enjoyment and commemorative purposes.

With the endorsement of a respected perinatologist and medical advisor, First Look Sonogram is a wonderful place to check your baby out!

First Look Sonogram uses this awesome new level of technology.  Families who wish to view their unborn child will experience a three-dimenstional sonogram with real-time movement.  By performing the sonograms with 4D color technology, the experience that you will share will be an emotionally positive one.  First Look Sonogram guarantees to make your whole experience a very relaxing, unique and comfortable event.

We checked it out and we can't say enough good things about this company.  The sonogram room is designed as a beautiful, luxurious, living room and your family and friends are invited to come and share in the experience.

What's included you ask?

Here's a quick rundown:
a.  still pictures from the sonogram;

b.  videocassette and cd-rom of the complete ultrasound session;

c.  website hosting for images and links to baby gift registry; and

d.  home theatre viewing environment for all your guests;

Tell them we sent ya and they'll throw in a free gift!

The lowdown:
First Look Sonogram
210 Avenue I, Suite C
Redondo Beach, CA  90277
(310) 543-5152









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