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Upromise College Savings

We found a new way for you to start saving for your child's education and all you have to do is join a cool club!

Join free and sign up to save with thousands of companies.

Just register your credit cards, grocery cards and other information so that they can track your spending and make sure you get automatic rebates for college at thousands of participating retailers, grocery and drug stores, restaurants, and services.

You'll automatically get up to 10% of your purchases back as college savings.

Shop normally at thousands of locations.
Use your registered cards at thousands of participating companies and get a percentage of your spending back into your Upromise Account - automatically. Plus there are many other ways to save - like making long distance phone calls, buying or selling a home, getting a mortgage, shopping online and much more.

It's a way for companies to earn your loyalty.
Companies like ExxonMobil, AT&T, Citi
, General Motors, McDonald's and many more give you money back for college to earn your loyalty.

Watch your savings grow.
All of your savings will collect in your Upromise account. Then, when you're ready to invest it, we can transfer it to a qualifying 529 college savings account.

Sign up today at













How Upromise Works:

1. Join Upromise free via internet
2. Register your loyalt cards and credit cards
3.  Shop normally
4.  Companies give you money back for college
5.  It collects in your Upromise account


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