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Your Yoga Pose - #2

Since everyone raves about the benefits of  yoga,, LAPregnancy has decided to periodically post beneficial yoga poses that "Bellies" can do which will include the following poses: specific for different trimesters, specific for pregnancy related ailments, postnatal, breathing, fertility, and also general poses.  So visit us often!!


Come on to all fours in a neutral table top position.  Bring your hands one hand-length in front of your shoulders spreading your fingers wide.

With your knees directly underneath your hips, curl your toes under, and on an inhale, lift knees then hips off the ground coming into the pose.


Tips while in the pose:

Bring your feet as wide as your mat (while the classical pose has the feet closer together it is a good idea to give you and your belly some extra space).


Place weight on the space between the thumb and first finger (as if rolling in slightly). Stretch up from the inner wrists to the inner elbows to the inner arm pits, and imagine your upper arms rotating outwards away from the body (allowing the upper back to broaden).

Lift your torso up off your arms, then lift your sit bones high towards the ceiling. 

Maintaining height in your sit bones, start to draw your torso towards your thighs, and in turn draw your thighs back away from your torso.

Stretch your calf muscles and heels down towards the floor.


Downward Facing Dog is great to do throughout pregnancy, keeping the body supple and strong (by way of stretching the arms, legs and spine) yet at the same time having a restful effect on the body (as the pelvis is higher than the heart in an inversion, so the heart does not have to work so hard pumping blood to the rest of the body).

A word of CAUTION:  as with any form of exercise, it is best to first consult with a doctor, especially if you have knee or back problems.

This Yoga information has been provided by Claire Turner, a yoga teacher who teaches at Wondernation (6pm Mondays) & Planet Yoga (7:30pm Mondays) and is  available for private yoga sessions at your house (on L.A.'s westside) or at the beach in Marina del Rey.  Call or email Claire for a free consultation and mention LAPregnancy to receive a discounted rate.  310-439-1649/Cell:  310-902-6753 or















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 "Downward Facing Dog"






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